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Ceremonies & Cocktail Hours

Your wedding day is important and I understand how much time and devotion goes into making it turn out just the way you want. Whether you know exactly what music you want for your ceremony or you have no clue where to begin, I would love to assist you in making your wedding beautiful. I have 20 years of experience in performing for weddings. I can play and sing in many different genres and I can also offer a pianist/organist or guitarist if desired. If you're looking for something really special, consider my piano quintet, which includes multiple strings and piano. My expertise and musical versatility will ensure that your wedding is a dream come true.


Simple. Sophisticated.

Solo violin without accompaniment is always in style. If you prefer elegance and simplicity or if you love orchestral sounds or string quartets but you are on a budget, this may be the choice for you. My most requested style of music for this option is classical. 

Piano or organ accompaniment is also available for an additional fee.



Unique. Contemporary.

If you want elegance but aren't a traditionalist, consider violin and guitar. Ben Smeeks and I have been performing as an acoustic duo, Two's Company, for the past five years. We infuse classical technique into many well loved tunes. Our repertoire ranges from Broadway to theme songs and includes an extensive, eclectic mix from the 60’s to the pop hits of today. We pride ourselves on performing in a unique style and with an energy and passion that is unmatched! We have an extensive list of repertoire and are always open to learning new songs to meet the needs of our clients.

Man Playing Guitar


Personal. Touching.

The human voice is by far the most expressive, intimate instrument that can evoke emotion like nothing else. This is a great choice no matter what style of music you prefer. I am a classically trained soprano, but I am also a professional pop/rock vocalist. I have extensive experience in Catholic ceremonies as well, so I can serve as a cantor if needed. I can sing a cappella or with your choice of guitar or piano accompaniment.



Ultimate Elegance.

If you want to add an atmosphere of sophistication and splendor to your special day, this is the choice for you! The piano quintet, Strings à la Carte, consists of two violins (myself and David McElfresh), viola (Doug Webb), cello (Nancy Leisl), and we also include piano (Diana Webb) to further round out the beautiful sound. We have been playing together for four years and Doug has created some stunning arrangements of popular classical wedding tunes as well as as contemporary music. This gorgeous blend of instruments will elevate the atmosphere of your special day and create an unforgettable experience.

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